The four major money-saving technologies for housing loans also need to be house slaves

March 12th, 2021


For the rigid needs, under the premise of not very good economic strength, they must face the loan problem to buy a house. If you can spend time researching the methods and characteristics of loans to choose a suitable loan plan, you can undoubtedly save more and more real costs of buying a house. So, what are the money-saving tips for buying a house with a loan?


Choose a different bank.

When borrowers apply for mortgage loans, choosing different banks can achieve different savings effects. In the current housing loan market, foreign banks are becoming more and more localized, domestic banks have a stronger sense of competition, and borrowers have more room for remaining Yu’ebao.

The advantage of domestic banks is that they understand the needs of local borrowers. The loan products they sell are suitable for different groups of people, such as state-owned banks, commercial banks, and agricultural credit cooperatives. The creditworthiness of the borrowing is high, and the business locations such as bank branches are dense. Borrowers are easy to repay. The disadvantage is that the details of some domestic bank loans lack humanized services, the business solution is poorly connected to various departments, and the management system and competitive strategy are not mature.

The advantage of foreign banks is that they have a wealth of housing loan products, one-to-one services are humanized, and there are no restrictions on early repayment. The disadvantage of some housing loan policies is the high barriers to entry for customers. Generally, customers with a certain amount of deposits in the bank are required to solve the housing loan business. The borrower’s qualification review is strict, with few business outlets and low localization.

Mortgage to buy a house.

If you want to save money, the borrower can also choose a mortgage. It is recommended that borrowers who use mortgaged real estate to purchase houses should try not to purchase houses in the form of mortgage loans. This is the monthly salary paid for the mortgage loan and the commercial loan. The interest rate of the commercial loan may be doubled, which will put a lot of pressure on the borrower to repay. Borrowers choose mortgage loans and savings on hand, etc., can avoid the housing policy to a certain extent, and it is safer for borrowers to choose mortgage to purchase in full.

Find out how to repay

Choosing the right repayment method can also save the lender’s money. At present, there are three common repayment methods: equal principal and interest, equal principal, and two-week provision. From the point of view of saving interest, provide biweekly>equal principal>equal principal. The characteristics of the three methods of repayment and the applicants have their own characteristics, and the borrower can choose according to his actual situation.

Use provident funds cleverly.

It is recommended that borrowers who have paid full-month provident fund use provident fund loans as much as possible. When buying a house, the provident fund has obvious advantages. Not only is the low down payment easy to review, but the interest rate also has a certain percentage of preferential policies. When using the provident fund to buy policy housing, not only can you enjoy low interest rates, you can also directly pay the balance in your provident fund account.





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